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Thread: Chicken Galantine Ballotine

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    Chicken Galantine Ballotine

    Saw avideo of Pepin deboning a chicken. My first attempt using the stuffing in the video tasted great but the deboning etc. was pretty rough.

    This time execution was much better and the pesto, roasted pepper and prosciutto stuffing was pretty good. I didn't take pics of the sauce (deglazed pan drippings, rich chix stock, wine, shallots and garlic)

    Next time I'll try a foie pate stuffing.

    I'm a home cook so any feedback and advice is welcome. Uploaded with[/IMG]

    [IMG] Uploaded with[/IMG]
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    looks good!

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    I will have to try this one day but for right now I am enjoying your pictures, thanks for sharing.

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    Is there an edit function? The fourth photo was supposed to be prosciutto.


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    Looks like a fine job! A very rustic and hearty meal.

    I added your fourth photo in for you-

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    Thanks Jim,
    From one curmudgeon to another.

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    What fun! After watching the Pepin video I have an urge to do this as well. Thanks for sharing!
    Spike C
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    Great job! Jacques Pepin woiuod be proud.

    Here's the link to his video:
    Doug Collins
    Hermosa Beach, California

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    I recently saw that video for the first time. I"ve been doing gallantines for a long time. I feel like an idiot.

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    Looks good, in the end all that matters is did it taste good

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