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Thread: Food allergies, intolerances, aversions and imagined problems

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr drinky View Post
    My reaction to Thanksgiving meals is that I start sweating gravy.

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    Having allergies, I can attest that they suck. It is also maddening when someone orders "gluten free" or they will die. Then the same person goes to a sushi restaurant and does the same thing. My boss asked me what is gluten. I never even heard of gluten free soy sauce until a week later.

    Most people I know that have allergies really don't make to much of a big deal with them, they know not to eat xxxxx. As for most people that go and order with out xxxx and think it will still be the same are just idiots that have to be entertained.
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    My problem is that when food is deep fried in the same oil as shellfish my throat and mouth swell up and I feel really ******. I know to carefully peruse the menu and grill the server on the procedures that the kitchen uses. It is rather surprising how many places fry everything in the same oil.
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    Fryers can be contentious places. Foods cooked in the fryer can effect someone much later.
    It's easy to say "it's just the fryer" and let it go. To some one else it could mean an epi pen.

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    I did much of the research for one of my university professors papers, it was on the rise of food allergies. In North America over the last 7 years, 2003-2010(2010 was the last year with all the stats) the number of people who reported a "serious or life-threatening" allergy went up about 315%. Over the same time period the number of doctors who reported a patient with the same level of allergy went up 37%. In the rest of the world (ie. not north america) the number of all reported allergies, from both doctors and patients, went up at about the same rate as the population of the country.
    The conclusion this prof came up with is that the stigma of an allergy is nearly gone in North America and now everyone wants one, just like when glasses became popular with people who don't "need" them.
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    Lots of very interesting contributions, thanks to everyone. Would love to comment on some, but am too busy and/or tired, will do that later.


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    a few years ago my wife went thru a very tough emotional period, and hid for awhile in the bottom of a bottle, then got better... When my youngest started kingergarten one of her classmates had a serious nut allergy. All the parents got the letter, and these little kids had to be 'educated'. So the teacher is talking to these little kids during 'circle time' explaining allergies, and what sometimes happens, etc etc. And then she ask they kids if any of them have an allergy, or know someone who does. And you get all the usual answers...allergic to bees, or peanuts or whatever....and my daughter raises her hand and proudly announces that "in our family, we're allergic to alcohol".

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    Seen people say they are allergic to garlic, onions, carrots, tofu, all fish except for salmon and tuna...

    Do these really exist? I think they are all bs, and people just don't like these foods and just think the restaurant will comply easier if they say they are allergic.

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    I'm allergic to shellfish ans lactose intolerant but I ignore the lactose thing and pay for it. But as someone who has an allergy I just avoid whatever it is and only ask if its something like stated above with the fryer or in pho if its made with shrimp paste/broth. But I think a lot of people say they re allergic to things because a-they don't like it and don't want to seem picky or b-they want to feel special. Its just my thought and honestly if you just want a gluten free diet say that and your not allergic because when a kitchen hears allergy it changes the game everything stops and makes 100% sure nothing touches their plate and so on.

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