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Thread: Food allergies, intolerances, aversions and imagined problems

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    Food allergies, intolerances, aversions and imagined problems

    A friend of mine just posted on FB that she needed a snack for kids that was wheat, gluten, dairy, and nut free. I never heard of such a thing when I went to school. Am not sure if this is just a skewed perception, and I have not done a lit reasearch on that (yet), but somehow it seems to me that those issues are not only much more common in the US than in Europe but they have also exploded in the US since I have been coming here in the early nineties? So, why is that? It's almost like you are an outcast if you can eat everything these days. Are those really all serious conditions? Heard about severe nut allergies, but recently people on a plane were not allowed to eat nuts in the rows surrounding an affected person. Seriously? This all seems very strange to me.. Any thoughts or experinces? And as a restaurateur, this must drive you crazy f you have to accmodate all these issues.


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    I read recently that some of this comes from the over use of antibiotics and not enough probiotics in the diet. The imbalance of the microflora in the gut causes food allergies and restoring the proper microflora can eliminate food allergies. I guess it's back to fruit as a snack.


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    I don't mean to offend..........Chemical Baby's is my theory.I know a lot of people that had trouble making a baby the natural way and there children that they "made" have heath issues,at least the majority of them that I know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RRLOVER View Post
    I don't mean to offend..........Chemical Baby's is my theory.I know a lot of people that had trouble making a baby the natural way and there children that they "made" have heath issues,at least the majority of them that I know.
    something tells me you aren't an epidemiologist.

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    If I smell Brussel Sprouts it stimulates my gag reflex.

    Just teasing.
    My wife recently had to take antibiotics.
    The pharmacist suggested a supplement that restores the balance of the intestinal flora.
    Within a day it had noticeable, beneficial effects.
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    Quote Originally Posted by EdipisReks View Post
    something tells me you aren't an epidemiologist.
    Just my honest observation of family and friends making and raising children.

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    I'm just going to guess that awareness is a big factor. Nut allergies are pretty common and reactions are severe, but, as far as I know, the symptoms of the others are pretty mild so they were probably ignored for quite a long time. I'm just hypothesizing here, but I think that it's possible that people have been feeding allergic kids gluten/wheat/dairy regardless and the kids were eventually immunologically desensitized to the substances. I don't think desensitization is well understood at a molecular level, but the general gist of it (according to wiki) is that it changes the production of IgE (type of antibody heavily involved in mast+basophil degranulation and ergo allergic reactions) specific to the allergen. These changes induce tolerance to the antigen and decrease or eliminate the response to it.

    Just a cool note - we have tons of antibodies in our bodies and we tailor and optimize (via purposeful mutation) each antibody to a specific antigen.

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    It also seems that a lot of people fall for the latest health gimmick. While there are legitimate cases of the "disease of the week", people jump on the bandwagon and decide that it's the cause of all their problems. How many kids were diagnosed with ADD when they just needed to get out and run around every day instead of sitting in front of the TV/computer?

    I have a great deal of sympathy for people with legitimate issues, but you have to wonder how many people are misdiagnosed. Especially when we're bombarded with commercials touting the latest drug..."Does it stink when you pass wind? You might have XYZ syndrome, and our drug can help! Ask your doctor!" I know sooooo many people who say "My doctor says it's a cold and I don't need antibiotics, but I insisted that he give me some anyway!"
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    It's from not playing outside and too much air conditioning.

    I'm married to a pediatrician and have been well schooled on this topic, I could go on and on and on. But I will say, a lot of it is all in the mind.


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    well as a chef, I see this a lot. Many of the people who are displaying these allergies and sensitivities are not genetically predisposed to digesting these foods. Celiac's disease used to be only a first world disease, It didn't exist in any of the emerging or third world countries as, they started to get exposed to Western diets and exported wheat, they started to develop gluten allergies. The same thing is happening here with soy and corn. Europeans weren't designed to eat corn or soy. Most Asians don't get soy allergies and most Native Americans don't get corn allergies. As for peanut allergies because of cross breeding for better yield, disease and insect resistance we developed strains that when consumed by some folks it can be fatal. The original wild strains of peanuts actually can be consumed by people with peanut allergies because they naturally lack the allergen.
    We in the west subsidize our farmers to grow and over abundance of foodstuffs more than we really can ever use. To justify this we add these ingredients to processed foods as flavoring agents, bulk filler, stabilizers and a myriad of other things, that you would never know was made from wheat, corn, soy and so on and so forth. We put it in everything (why do you need high fructose corn syrup in tomato sauce, bread or pasta?) because we gotta put it somewhere and its cheap, filling and highly addictive. All of these things are the perfect firestorm for allergies, intolerance and disease. We feed antibiotics and steroids to livestock because, we feed cattle corn and other grains. We do this because it's cheap, the problem is cattle did not evolve to eat corn or grain they are grazers, they eat grass. Grass fed cattle are healthier for you , they are low in cholesterol, high in omega3 and beta carotene and studies show you are less likely to develop coronary artery disease from eating it. Eating grain fed beef, you are more likely to develop, high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, insulin resistance, high cholesterol and dozen other things including hormonal imbalances and antibiotic resistance. ( you don't hear about those reports to often, can't mess with big business).

    The other contributing factor to the allergen problem is we are to clean as a society. The development of an efficient sewer system and sanitation system has doomed the western world to allergies. We no longer have a natural resistance to allergens and infections because, we are no longer exposed to these things on a regular basis as our ancestors were. A little bit of crap in the water makes you healthier , too much and Montezuma's revenge. I told my sister when here first Son was born to let him play in the dirt and stick things in his mouth (within reason and he will stay healthy. She put him in a sterile environment and he was sick all the time. The second kid, she followed my advice and he hasn't been sick yet. He is much more robust and filled with vigor than his old brother with the sniffles. Why is it the people who are always sick are the ones with the bottle of hand sanitizer? Ask yourself that question.

    My rant is now over and I'm sure it made no sense and I may have wandered off topic. This whole thing is a quick fix. Eat better and roll around in the dirt . Drink a little crap in your water and you'll be fine.
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