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Thread: Food allergies, intolerances, aversions and imagined problems

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    Here's a good one. My sister in law took her kid to the allergist recently. Doctor says "Don't give your kid peanuts." Guess what? The kid loves peanut butter and eats it pretty much every day with no obvious problems. Like I said before, it's not well understood.

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    Someone came into our place and told us that her and her husband were allergic to garlic. After 5 minutes of thinking... everything we have has garlic in it. I didn't know what to tell the lady.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucretia View Post
    Seems like I've heard that the longer the fish is dead, the higher the histamine levels. Or it could just be the wine from dinner talking.
    I want some of that wine. It's definitely better than the wines Drinky has been drinking.
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    I can eat all kind of food but i have a little problem. I can eat everything but not fish. Whenever i think about fish food i feel vomit. I can't eat fish and you can say that i have allergic from fish food.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anderson View Post
    I can eat all kind of food but i have a little problem. I can eat everything but not fish. Whenever i think about fish food i feel vomit. I can't eat fish and you can say that i have allergic from fish food.
    Being physically sickened by something and being allergic are two different things. Otherwise I'd be allergic to lima beans, Donald Trump and a few relatives.
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    I think a lot of people dislike something and say they are allergic to it just so when they go out for a meal the staff don't think they're an arsehole when they have to do a whole mean separately from scratch just for them and they are certain there's no trace of said ingredient in their meal

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    As a chef in a commercial kitchen who has been doing this for a while, I have to say that its my belief that most people do not have actual food allergies, they just go with the current diet or fad. Right now it's gluten-free, and my guess is that probably a full 70% of people ordering from our gluten-free menu (thats how far it's gone!) are NOT actually celiacs. Five years ago it was the Atkins thing. Now you never hear about this anymore, right?! What sucks is that you can never tell, and as a result have to treat EVERY G.F. order like it is a real allergy and not just another train-jumper, changing gloves and using special tongs and cutting board. I know that there are many real sufferers out there and I don't mean to offend them in any way, it must suck to be allergic to something that is literally in EVERYTHING in the US. But the bandwagon food allergy people need to get a grip. If you don't like something, just admiti it! Don't pretend you're allergic just to make sure you don't get those onions in your mixed veg. I think there is something to what DevinT says as well, but I still feel that the majority of food allergies are actually either people jumping on board with the current allergy-in-vogue or your aforementioned 'imagined problems'
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    I think that a lot of allergies are caused by globalization introducing so many things into our diets. In the past changes happened slowly over generations and generations. Another factor is the 'convenient allergy'. People who don't like something seem to have an easier time just claiming to be allergic. I experienced this myself while travelling recently. This one woman on tour kept going on about how she couldn't eat goat cheese because she was deathly allergic to anything goat. A fellow traveller called her on it when he noticed she was eating Greek yogurt made from goat's milk.

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