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Thread: Colin.... are you still opening May 1st?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnxiousCowboy View Post
    Where are you located and what's the deal? I'm outa the loop...
    Ditto, is there a website/menu out there yet?

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    Colin, Lets get a date on the calender!

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    I see the other thread but I thought I'd keep this here.
    As of right now I will be open 7 days with dinner service only 6. In order to give me a day off and the kitchen a brake we are not doing dinner service on Tuesday's. We are going to promote a "cagier night" on Tuesday for any single malt smoking folks out there. As far as dinner goes I'll let Jim put that field trip together. Any day or night would be fine but Friday might not be the best as it's a crazy bar night, 40k at the bar last Friday for "opening night" 5k in food ); o well at least there is finally a payday.

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