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Thread: Wa Re Handle Video

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    Wa Re Handle Video

    I got many requests for this video so now its time to upload one

    How I Re handle Wa handled Knives !
    Do it only on your own responsibility !!!

    Hope you enjoy !!

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    that was interesting. I hadn't seen how handles are removed before.
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    Good watch Maxim - thanks for sharing.

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    thanks, nice to see a professional in action.
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    Great vid, maxim. Thanks for sharing! I'll give it a try someday Love the handle removal technique!

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    Nice video, thanks, I have very little experience with burning them in. What I was always wondering: What if the knife does not sit in straight? Can you just start over again?


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    I was wondering the same. Not sure, but in the video the handle appeared to be angled down a bit - but as always that could just be from the lens distortion.

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    it is straight in i take some pics later.
    But it can happen that it can angle wrong way, usually it can happen if hole pre drilled wrong or tang is bend.
    Normally when i do it i check it when i do first pre burn if it sit straight and adjust it if not. But in video i forgot that and not much time

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    I'm curious what happens when the tang cools and contracts. It seems to me that it maybe a sloppy fit and maybe some epoxy will be required. Also with some of the hard or burled woods we use for ferrule pieces would they not crack with all the force applied.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hattorichop View Post
    Also with some of the hard or burled woods we use for ferrule pieces would they not crack with all the force applied.
    Yep they will i will only recommend to do it with softer woods and predrilled hole.

    I dont know about sloppy, Japanese have done it for some time now and it works fine for me If you want it do be extra strong i guess you can take it off again and do some gluing.
    But i like my handles not glued, so i can easily take it off again without damage the handle

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