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Thread: "Prestigious" japanese knives/makers?

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    +1 on what Jon said, Many do not even know Shigefusa and small makers in Japan, in Japan Shigefusa mostly sell his knives like other brand to different shops.
    Most Honyakis considered as very high end thought

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    Would Mac and Konosuke be examples of brands designed for export?

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    Well, I don't know about Mac, but I've never seen a Konosuke in Japan.

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    mac exists in japan but is more prevalent in the US... konosuke is not a brand sold domestically in japan

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    I got my second yanagiba fr. A-Frames here.Aritsugu BS 270.He pulled out couple Shigefusa,Yanagiba and Gyuto superb knives a little out of my price range.At the time the Aritsugu yanagi was the most I ever spent on a knife.

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