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Thread: How to sell the ones you love

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    simple.... you sell the knife you love & buy a knife you love even more
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    If it was that easy I wouldn't own 30+ gyutos.... But at some point just pick the one you haven't been using much (don't use it to refresh your memory of how much you like it) and just sell it. Then buy more knives.


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    Actually, I want all the knives back that I've sold to you guys.

    My problem is that the four kiritskes that I have, a couple that I would sell; there is no love for them and I can't possibly get at at least some of my money out of them.
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    If it's too hard to sell them maybe just don't sell them? The ones I sold I either didn't like or didn't use at all so they were no-brainers. Perhaps think of someone else using the knives more often and how much they'd appreciate them more than you perhaps?

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    ...or idiots like myself, who have an addiction to getting abused knives and hopefully turning them into reformed and reworked pieces that will be loved again!

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    Jeez, I have to say, especially at the beginning of this thread, that some of the comments from you guys had me on the verge of tears - the emotion, the longing and heartbreak were palpable.

    I wonder what it means that some are so loyal in some areas, yet so promiscuous with blades? It's a strange life we lead.

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    No love for kiritsuke? Really? Well, it's true that those of us who love single-bevels are a smaller subset of the KKF group

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    I have the same issue with cleavers. Buy buy buy. Sell? Whats that? No. Even if I dont use them...I hang them up in the kitchen for looks and comfort. I am looking for a new 240mm guyoto so maybe we can talk .

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