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Thread: Part 2 of Contest - Win a WA Re-handle

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    Part 2 of Contest - Win a WA Re-handle

    For those of you that remember we had a re-handle contest a while back.
    Forum members posted a photo of a knife they would like to have re-handled.
    There was a drawing for the winner. The way it worked was the winner would not know what we were going to do for their handle. It would be a surprise. I provided the handle material and Mike Henry did all the work. Originally nobody would know what the re-handled knife would look like until it was mailed back to the winner. But because the winner was having other re-handles done at the same time it would be a bit longer until the knife would be sent back. And I wanted to see how it turned out. So here are photos.

    The winner of the contest was Canadian Man.
    This is the photo of the knife he entered in the drawing.

    The knife was mailed to Mike Henry and I sent the handle material.

    Then Mike got to work on the re-handle.
    I think he out did himself with this one. What do you guys think?

    The wood used for the handle is Spalted Sycamore and Bog Oak.
    I sure hope Canadian Man likes it. I sure do.
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    Wow. That is a beaut - I would be happy. Nice job guys.

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    nice looking handle. good job, Mike
    Charles ***[All statements I made here only my personal opinion and nothing more!]*** & Please bare with me for my crappy English!!

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    Very handsome! Well done Mike.

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    Another stunner from Mike. Good job!

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    Not bad... not bad at all! Looks like well-chosen wood and great job making the handle. Wood is a wonderful thing. If I were making it, maybe the only thing I wouldn't be sure about would be having the bog oak at the butt end as well as the ferrule.

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    that looks great!

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    I Love It!! It's amazing looking, the wood really is stunning, i can't wait to get my knife back

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    Congratulations Canadian Man!

    Excellent work, Mike, and very generous of you, Mark!

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