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Thread: Devin Thomas Interview

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    Well, really, I have many dumb questions I'd like to ask him, but I want to see him being interviewed about something HE really wants to talk about. Both the information and the choice of subject would be enlightening to me. As technical or general as he wants, I wanna know what Devin Thomas wants the world to ask him, and what he'd like to say.

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    I just talked with Devin the other day on the phone and he is a super nice guy. Taught me some of his secrets (I can't tell) and gave me some great advice. So, I suppose the question you should ask for the next interview is, "when will you stop making knives, so that Michael Rader's damascus doesn't look so bad any more by comparison?"

    Just kidding. Kind of. No, really, just kidding.

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    Michael, I'll make some Damascus if it helps your ego.

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    When will Hoss stop letting that 750 pound hammer waste in his front yard. DT has enough equipment sitting on his lawn to start a Zwilling factory.
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    Quote Originally Posted by johndoughy View Post
    Michael, I'll make some Damascus if it helps your ego.
    And I'll grind it and put a handle on'll look like a King then Michael.

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    Me and Mario visited Devin last fall. We had a great time and learned a great deal (for beginners). I was very impressed with Hoss operation, his damascus steel and him as a knife maker. Made me want emulate him.

    His damascus patterns are very, very clean and there is nothing Hoss can't make, except for making a lot of money. That's not me, that's Jackie's (Hoss wife) saying.

    I have to add, that Hoss helped countless people along the way, he is nicest and a down to earth (highly intelligent though) guy. I can't wait to visit with him and his family again.


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