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Thread: 3 treasures for sale

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    Price Drop on the gyuto - $595

    I'm going outside to take some pictures of the gyuto right now so within the hour I'll have them posted.

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    OK here she is, the queen of my collection......
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    The CA buckeye burl came from Fish's personal stash that he'd be saving for years. I'm not sure if it comes through in the pictures or not but the handle has a sort of matte soft finish to it even though the buffalo parts are shiny, looks hand finished to me. I think Fish put a little extra into this one.

    The blade is convexed right down to the cutting edge as much as I could do by hand at the time. As you can see it's been worked high above the cutting edge on the stones particularly where it was the thickest which was at the back end. Combine the weight and geometry of this blade and you've got a nice cutting machine. I'm always impressed over again when I use this knife.

    Something to note is that this is an asymmetric right handed blade at least 70/30 ground and you should be able to see this in the height of the bevel grinds. I'm not sure how much enjoyment a lefty would get from using this knife.

    I realize that I sound like a salesman here (and yeah I'm trying to sell this knife - true) but I also love it and want to show off it's attributes a bit.

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    That gyuto is something special indeed. I've never been that excited when I saw the shape and profile of other Watanabe gyuto: they always looked rounder and blunter at the nose. This one looks like it might even have a bit of a flat spot out near the tip. Did you tweak the profile at all? The way that you describe it being robust yet lasery makes me think Shigefuesa (but the profile on yours looks better). A well-done partial convex on a thick blade is a thing of magic. Anyone that has experienced one knows what I'm talking about, and anyone who doesn't should by this while I still have will-power and find out!
    "I gotta tell ya, this is pretty terrific. Ha hahaha, YEAH!" - Moe (w/ 2 knives).

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    i swear, this is the moment where i begin to regret that i prefer western handles...

    that gyuto is AWESOME !!!

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    PM sent on gyuto.

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    They're all SOLD!

    Thanks everyone

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    I was worried about the Takeda, but gladly saw it sold

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    Very nice knives, some dudes just got real lucky

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    Congrats to the new owners, very nice knives. Too bad you had to let them go, Dave. But then again, you can make your own now...


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