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Thread: Just for two

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    Just for two

    I know a 240mm Gyuto is more efficient and in some ways easier than a 210mm, but would you still suggest a 240mm for a home cook that usually cooks for just two people. Maybe a 225mm has some merit. What do you think? - this is for cooks but without crazy knife skills. Thanks for your thoughts


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    Well a 240 wa-gyuto will be about 220 on the edge surely so just get a wa-240?

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    I cook for two. My most-used gyutos/chefs are 180mm. I have a 210mm and don't use it as often because with limited counterspace the extra length gets in the way, and the 180s are comfortable and efficient. I also use shorter pettys/utility knives fairly often.

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    240's are nice but I've found that I much prefer a 270 and a 210 in concert ( pro kitchen ). The 210mm is plenty long ( western handled ) for almost everything I do at the prep table and on the line though i do sacrifice a bit of edge longevity simply because I have less edge to work with.

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    I really like the 225 size and if you can find one would take it over a 240.

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    I feel knife size has more to do with available space then it does the amount of food your prepping. If you have the space get a 240mm. I cook for one a regularly use a 240mm or 270mm gyuto. That said different knife makers measure knives differently especially with custom makers, I have a 240mm gyuto from Del Ealy that's only about 6mm shorter from the handle then my 270mm RRlover gyuto, about 12mm shorter on the blade, so know what your getting.

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    I am a home cook and currently using a 225 (MT) which I find a nice size for most situations. That said, I am currently looking for a complementary 260-280.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kalaeb View Post
    I really like the 225 size and if you can find one would take it over a 240.
    Exactly this. 225 has felt the most natural for me. In fact, I've been using one approximately this length by Luke Snyder for about 3 weeks, and it just feels right. The same went for the Davis passaround gyuto.

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    I always use 240+ just because of the room I have on my kitchen (work) but the mizuno I recently got is a 240 but its a bit of a short 240 and I kinda like the size. I think 225 or a short 240 would feel good at home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stevenStefano View Post
    Well a 240 wa-gyuto will be about 220 on the edge surely so just get a wa-240?
    Some 240s run long. My 240 Shigefusa wa-gyuto is a little over 245mm, heel to tip.

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