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Thread: FS: Nakayama Asagi

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    FS: Nakayama Asagi

    For sale a nice Nakayama Asagi from Maksim, one of the first stones I bought from him, long before he even started JNS as a blog.
    The stone is a very nice gray color with goma, and Kan in one of the corners. The stone is double sided, sealed with lacquer on the sides.
    The stone works great on traditional knives, leaves very nice finish with good contrast between hagane and jigane. The finish hagane is very bright, and the speed if the stone is very reasonable not a slow cutter by any means. The stone is on the heard side but releases reasonable amount of slurry for polishing purposes. It work great with naguras, and if one wants a lot of slurry one can use a diamond plate no problem at all.

    Dimensions: 198x 72x29mm

    PRICE = $350 shipped in US, buyer pays the paypal fees. International buyers pay actual postage fee.

    Pic as I got the stone:

    As is right now:

    Examples of the finish it leaves

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    and one and only price reduction to 320 and I'll absorb the PP fees.

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