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Thread: Why I Like Kitchen Knife Forums

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    Why I Like Kitchen Knife Forums

    In addition to the sheer volume of valuable, pertinent information shared freely here, the real reason why I like it here is the relaxed, helpful atmosphere whereby members can post questions without having to worry about having some child (or more often a child-like adult) jump down their throats and demand to know, for instance, why they did not spend hours searching on the off chance that an answer might already have been posted.

    I'm ranting a bit because, after belonging for years to a car forum I posted my very first ever request for guidance in connection with a narrow DIY issue (after having first spent a few hours searching for a solution both on-line and in my car's wheel-well). Sure enough, right away the "why don't you search instead of wasting our time" reply pops up. Which of course caused me to waste another hour I'll never get back fruitlessly searching once again.

    I've never seen that happen here, and hopefully never will. I rarely post anything knife related because I still have so much to learn, but it's nonetheless great to be able to share in this community.

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    Well said Rotary!

    It was a very conscious decision to encourage this feeling here at KKF.

    One of our first forums we opened was the "Getting Yourself Started"Forum for this very reason.

    As a forum its imperative we make newcomers feel welcome or we will never remain vibrant and relevant.

    Thanks for your comments!

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    Wow! brings back memories. I remember those types of forums. like my cellphone and computer phase on the tech sites ie: xda developers. you really had to carefully screen your posts/topics or you would get grilled, and laughed off the forum.

    I got suspended for a period of time just for questioning seniority, for their lack of moderating and help with the new members. Interesting thing, programmers are called chefs, and those who modify code, are called cooks, and their lab is called the "kitchen"

    I think more down to earth people here. Artisians, F&B (although crazy, not mental or nuerotic), and knife nuts. Most egos have been checked at the door

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    We do have some really cool people here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by goodchef1 View Post
    Wow! brings back memories. I remember those types of forums. like my cellphone and computer phase on the tech sites ie: xda developers.
    Heh. I posted at XDA and PPCG for a long time during my smartphone phase. Had started putting together my own Windows 6.5 ROM when my carrier got an Android device, and that was the end of that hobby.

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