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    We've finally got some of our products past the LA docks and on the way. I suspect that some of it will arrive late next week or early the following week at the latest.

    Some of these items have been out of stock for some time and we will notify all customers who have requested this via email when they show in stock ready to go. If you're interested in getting any of these items I would suggest submitting your email address in the "Email me when Back-In-Stock" link found on the product listing page(s) as this guarantees you instant notification of the products' availability.

    Suehiro Deluxe Stone Holder

    Imanishi Tamago 4000x (formerly known as the JKS 3-4k)

    Takenoko 8000x

    Naniwa Superstone 10000x

    Combination 1000/6000x

    King 800x

    Felt Strops & De-Burring Blocks

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