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Thread: Mario Battali's Jar Sauce

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    Mario Battali's Jar Sauce

    So I decided to treat myself to the Iron Chef's NINE DOLLAR bottle of pasta sauce. I went with Tomato Basil. It's made from San Marzano tomatoes, and just a few fresh ingredients.

    Was it worth $9?

    Absolutely. It was hands-down, the single best jar sauce I've ever tasted. The bar has forever been set for jar sauce. It tasted like someone took ripe tomatoes from a garden, stewed them with love, and jarred them at their peak.

    I've had sauces at restaurants not 1/8 as good as this was. A little hard to find, but you should try it!

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    Thanks Eamon,
    I will have to try this now. I eyeball it on occasion, I think it's $8 at my market, but that's about twice what I'm generally willing to pay for a supermarket sauce. I usually opt to buy a can of San Marzanos and make it myself. This will be a good option for those nights I plan on having a nice meal, but don't have quite enough time to do it all myself.

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    Cool. I usually try to make my own sauces too, but it's nice to have a decent jar when time is an issue! I've seen 2-packs of Battali's sauce at Costco and was always kind of curious about it.

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