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Thread: Did I Make A Potential Customer Mad?

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    Taylor's First Law: You can't tell a man he has an ugly baby.

    Corollaries to Taylor's First Law:

    a) Even if he begins to realize that his baby is ugly, he will admit it only to himself.

    b) Even if he knows that the baby is ugly, it is still his baby and he will protect it with his life.

    Now is not the time to bother me. And it's always now. Wiley Miller

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    When I taught my first class at the Culinary school,I asked if any students had a knife to sharpen,alot of hands shot up.This one kid had a wusthof wt. the thickest bolster I've seen,also a stainless Santoku,both very dull.I picked the Santoku to sharpen,the Shuns & Forchner's sharpened up well,but this kids Santoku was really crap stainless I put a decent edge on it.

    When he asked me about his knives,I told him flat out you need a new knife,order one of the knives that I recomm. in the class handout.his friend just laughed.

    This kid got a stone set,a new J-Gyuto,Later I went one on one wt. him,he picked up quickly techs.Back bevel,final bevel,burr removal,Now he is sharpening other students knives for 10.00 each.I did not exactly say his knives were junk,but he got the message,& in his case it worked.

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    I think the fact that he actually recognised that knives need to be sharpened and bought a device to accomplish this is pretty admirable in the first place. The vast majority of people don't. Stainless to most means you can dishwash them and they'll stay sharp forever. I was branded a knife nazi for buying and using a Furi pull through. I don't know what I'll get called now that I've got specific sharpening stones and a sink bridge etc etc. Adolf perhaps? More appropriately Hirohito as I'm now starting to buy Japanese knives.

    It's pretty easy to get carried away by this purist, little world of J-nats and J-knives.

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