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Thread: Anyone been to scotland?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aphex View Post
    The only reason why anybody would go to Scotland is if you ..................

    couldn't spell Ireland in your Google search string!!!
    There .....fixed it for ya!!!


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    So have you been yet, Ryan?

    Can't believe you didn't ask your favorite Scot about a trip to Scotland

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    morris!!!!!....i would have definately asked if i knew u were scottish.....i guess the red hair shoulda given it away.....yes i've been already.....we stayed at an apartment in glasgow near kelvingrove park....the main part of the trip was to visit long lost relatives of my gfriends family....they live in we visited them and got to visit the cemetery that alot of her family is buried.....we took a few bus tours(riding on a bus there sucks) loch ness...the highlands....sterling castle etc....i think we drove over about 80 percent of the friggin country.....we did have sunny days for about 80 percent of our trip....people kept saying"you could come back a 1000 times and it will NEVER be like this again" we felt of the cool things was going to a distillery....i don't really drink but i just like to learn about things....the only bad part was i kept stumping our guide with gfriend kept jitting me telling me to stop asking questions......i said hey"i paid my 7 bucks-i want answers!" was fun though......definately alot of history seemed like everyone just walking dow the street would tell u all of it too....very informative and helpful people for sure.....ryan

    viva la revolucion !

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    Sounds like a great time and you DEFINITELY got lucky with the weather. I spoke to my Sister yesterday and they had 100MPH wind and hail!

    Bus tours are very popular for both tourists and locals (though usually the old folk) but frankly I hate the damn things. Give me a train any day!

    Stirling Castle is pretty; I took an Australian friend of mine there once over the New Year and the rain was horizontal and very cold. Fun though

    Lochwinnoch looks like a beautiful village, I am sure you were made very welcome there and in most places.

    Tell me more about it on Saturday and are you bringing the lady with you?

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    can't make it on saturday big time.....ryan

    viva la revolucion !

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