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Thread: How to translate Japanese

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    How to translate Japanese

    Maybe it is old news to most of you.
    Maybe some of you dont know, I had just found out recently, so I thought it would be good to share.

    You will need an iPad. iPHONE IS TOO SMALL TO DO THE JOB.

    Most likely, an android tablet can do it as well, but never had android, so I cannot tell.

    You get the Google translation application.

    You open it, you go to translate Japanese to English.
    Below the language on the left (Japanese) you will see the camera 'symbol' .
    Once you press it, camera starts to function, within the Google translate application.
    Then you move under the camera your knife box, or the blade of your knife, or a brochure that was inside the box of your knife.
    You press 'scan' and the application in cooperation with your camera, scans it!!!

    If it will not work, it means it wasn't efficient light in the room, so try again.

    Then you can translate the whole scanned text at once, or highlight with your finger, what you want to be translated.

    ALTERNATIVELY, you take a clear photo with your camera, open it with the Google translation application, magic happens, Japanese translated.

    Good Luck!
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    This I gotta try. Don't know if it will work with my ancient Galaxy S.
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    This might actually be a good enough reason to finally get one of those stupid phones everyone has. I would love to be able to translate from pictures. Thanks for posting this.

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    Good idea I hadn't thought of this. Seems obvious now thanks!

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    A little rough but worked well enough that I figured out a piece of paper in one of my knife boxes is basically a warranty/return slip for a faulty knife hehe.

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