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Thread: Pictures/videos of new/unknown makers

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    Quote Originally Posted by knyfeknerd View Post
    2 companies/makers close me are Middleton Made Knives and Williams Knife Company. As much as I would like to be a homer and get some knives made locally, I've never handled either. I have a hard time forking over that kind of $$$ for something I've never tried out or even heard a review on.
    The Williams knife co. has a really awesome looking oyster knife, but it's $275!!!!!
    For $275 that thing had better come with like 15 bushels of oysters!
    Does anyone have any thoughts or past experiences with either of these guys?
    I haven't personally but I had a sous chef who swears by middleton knives. I talked to him once to have a knife made about a year ago but never went through with it. He's a really nice guy. I also remember reading about a year ago one of the big name makers saying he is up and coming in the kitchen knife world. Don't remember exactly who said it though. I'm curious if any one else has any experience with his work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sachem allison View Post
    this looks a lot sexier then cut brooklyn's
    I have to say, it looks pretty great. Very organic, and it's nice that she didn't take much influence from Joel's design from what I'm looking at.

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    I like her handles better than Joel's. not really a fan of the handle on the blade, but her work looks very good.

    Holey big pic.
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    I'm sure some of you have seen his work but Phil Wilson's fillets are pretty interesting! I haven't heard of another maker who makes many of them.

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    Don, I'm pretty sure that Pierre Rogue makes a similar filet knife.
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    Here is my Pierre Rodrigue Filet, not an unknown maker, but thought you might like to see it Don.

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    I think Pierre has a shot with fish blood all over it. Beautiful sight
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    David Lisch was kind enough to share these pictures from a smith who worked in his shop.

    Here's what David said... "Hi Folks I wanted to show you the first knife from a new project I have started with knife maker Mark Maumasi and I think there will be many more. Mark is not a new maker he worked for a very well know kitchen knife maker for a couple of years learning his craft. Mark came to me and ask if I had a job for him and I said nope but I do have a school right next to my blacksmith shop that sits empty 4 to 5 days a week at lest . so Mark has been coming in on his day off from his job as a baker and working on this knife it is his first integral so I had to show him a few tricks but he picked it up very fast as the man has mad skills. now on this knife as we wanted to get going he used a damascus blade that I had made already so my name is on the other said on this one . on the next ones Mark will be making the damascus as well. he picked Maumasi Fire arts as his mark. now he is thinking about leaving his baking job and making kitchen knives 4 or 5 days a week I hope he dose. Now the pics as you will see are not mine these are very nice thanks to a friend of mine and budding knife maker Al Ten . Al came by my shop and took pics of three of my knives "
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    I love Pierre's fillet. Beautiful piece.

    Pete, WOW. That is INSANELY gorgeous. It's kinda busy, but in a good way. Jeez, that handle and that pattern on the blade...

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    Nice knife. Looks a lot like an AES blade.
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