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Thread: Pictures/videos of new/unknown makers

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    … somehow I've missed this great thread. Seems like there are lots more makers we could add here.

    Janusz Bladowski from Poland.

    He is young. He is talented. And he makes lots of different types of knives.
    He also seems to know few things about profiles/geometry of kitchen knives.

    There are lot's of knives pictures in his G+ gallery, but I'll share just a few here.

    Very clean work and they appears to be a very good performers according to videos on his site.

    Simple, clean, elegant. I have a lot of things to learn from him in terms of handle making.

    Some damascus

    and even more damascus on some kind of hunters knife

    Yet I personally prefer non-damascus kitchen knives.

    I talked to Janusz some time ago about custom order and he warned me that waiting list is about ~150 knives, so it would take pretty significant time before he could make something for me.

    And a short video that shows his 240 gyuto made from AS:

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