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Thread: Nenohi Premier Knives are up!!

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    Nenohi Premier Knives are up!!

    Nenohi premier knives are up!!
    They are also included in the 15% off sale.

    Not to rush, but just so you guys know, we may or may not continue to carry them after December.

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    Yes! It's hand painted lacquer! Its actually all of our favorite too. lol

    It's expensive, but the cover by its self goes for almost $2000...

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    Theres also going to be a Phoenix one too! We're just having web troubles... It'll be up soon.

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    Could you tell us a bit more about the Dentoukougeishi line? I've never seen that term before--how does it differ from hongasumi?


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    OH! Yes of course.
    Dentoukougeishi are traditional Japanese craftsmen who are recognized by the government. There a lot of different types of dentoukougeishi, it's not specific to knives.

    I will write a post about them this weekend if I can gather enough information.

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