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Thread: 6 cases of carrots at a time, no prob'

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    Yes!! (But that size would mean only one case of carrots at a time!) I'm currently heming and hawing about a mobile unit; ie. small truck vs.tricycle/sophisticated vs. simple, etc., and a wheel that size would "sorely", (sorry) test my calves in case I went the tricycle option!!!!,s:200,i:43

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    Whew!! After the last two comments, I was worried that one of the (many) things I really like in this forum, ie. sense of humor, had been quarantined.

    "I'm not going to faff around with no pissant 300 mm gyuoto when I can whack down this 2000 mm baby from 3 paces and get the job done in 3 minutes flat".

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    Quote Originally Posted by gregg View Post
    Going to try and find out the steel used!
    The maker's girlfriend was overheard saying "Dear is that a knife in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?" They later were married and had 12 children.

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    reminds me of those bali-swords that my people make as an attraction.

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