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Thread: What do you eat today !

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    What do you eat today !

    As i do not work as chef anymore i geting bit fatter, i guess less movement and more unhalfy food make it difficult to stay in shape, so i start this thread and blog so i can keep track of what i am eating every day and also see what others here on KKF eat
    I try to make as many pictures as posible at what i eat every day.

    What ingrediance i use and of coarse what knives !

    Just everyday food. Now where we almost all have smartphones its easy to make a shot before we eat it.

    Don't be shy if its Mc d i post mac D food

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    Dinner snack with eggs and salmon roe, simple but gooood

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    Serious weak spot for that kind of dish...makes me want to grab your plate and some Monopolowa Gin and enjoy myself...

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    My diet is absolutely horrific. I eat very little but the little I do eat is junk. Only ever eat 1 proper meal a day and the rest is trying to grab stuff when I can. I do exercise a bit though so I like to think I'm in reasonable shape. Hard to find time to eat if you're working long full days or split shifts

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    I mostly survive on beer

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    Charlotte, NC AKA The Queen City! The lint-filled belly button of the south.
    My diet is total crap.
    I'm not overweight, but do have a nice beer-gut most of the time. If there was time in my life to regularly dedicate to exercise, I would be all over it.
    When it's busy season, I don't have time to eat(or sleep)
    When it's slow, I try to store up!
    I also love Big Mac's!!!
    "See... the problem here is that... my little brother, this morning, got his arm caught in the microwave, and uh... my grandmother dropped acid and she freaked out, and hijacked a school bus full of... penguins, so it's kind of a family crisis... so come back later? Great."
    -Lane Myer (Definitely not as in Oscar Mayer)

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    Working in a major healthfood store gives me more opportunity to keep my meals at least on the healthy side. However I do have a "comfort food" addiction I have a hard time shaking. At least I can make my own parts to these dishes that are far more healthy than just buying ready made parts, so for that I'm thankful

    Been sick as a dog last week, down side of dealing with customers that breath on you all day... So things have been VERY simple lately. Today was beef raman with mushrooms and ginger, a staple of mine when I'm sick

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    Heart attack omelet with country sausage and cheddar. Also, a slice of home made bread.
    Another day, another band aid.

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    I went and got a bunch of vegetables this morning and made chicken soup. Good excuse to cut things.

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    Moussaka today, helped myself two times to it at dinner...

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