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Thread: any experience sharpeners in the Philadelphia area

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    any experience sharpeners in the Philadelphia area

    and if there are, anyone willing to teach a newbie the ins and outs of sharpening? I want to dive in and start sharpening my own knives rather than sending them to someone. Thanks!

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    Dave Martell offers a class, probably the best spent money I've had since I got into knives. I'd recommend him, he's probably about an hour or so west of the city if I remember right. If not you might be able to find a local member willing to show you some tips but I'd look at taking a class with Dave at some point as he covers all the bases.

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    Yup. You can't get much better than 1hr from Dave's, lol.

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    Ask and you shall receive. A great member responded via private message and now this...never realized Dave is just 28 miles from me. I will have to contact him after the holidays. Thanks all! Nothing like getting an answer that quick!

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