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Thread: Grits - who loves 'em?

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    Tomorrow I am making a sear-roasted pork tenderloin with fennel two ways (Molly Stevens recipe). She recommended a creamy polenta, so this thread has gotten a timely bump.


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    Quote Originally Posted by boomchakabowwow View Post
    how did this thread escape me? i love polenta. i just made some to go with my Lamb shank osso bucco. i always make extra so i can chill it hard to pan fry the next day. i love the "cakes" with soft boiled eggs.

    You probably would like grits, then. Had some the other day with hunter-style pork--chunks of pork, fried and then finished in in a brown sauce with mushrooms and onions. Over cheesy grits. yum.

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    Grits are fantastic, earlier this fall we had some goat cheese grits served with pan-fried dredged quail breasts. I love pairing grits with crunchy/crispy stuff. Their texture is so unique compared to your run of the mill puree, coulis, or mash.

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