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Thread: Disinfecting a Wooden Board

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    Just scrub it with a paste of salt and hot water. Rinse well, dry it with paper towels, and then use a bleach solution on it. It will be fine.

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    Was going to say bleach! I disinfect mine regularly (Poly) with a solution, good practice anyway.. don't know what it will do to wood if it stays long.. Good Experience and hell of a story!

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    ....funny the way we categorize things into what is and isn't gross
    Ferran Adria would probably turn it into a foam, and sprinkle rabbit rasins on top....$100 a plate

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    No, he'd turn it into something that still looks like a urinated on cutting board, until it hit your tongue. At which point it would turn into a raisin (in foam).
    You were close

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