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Thread: Year End Sale - Now or Later?

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    Year End Sale - Now or Later?

    Every year I do a year end sale and mark down everything in the store.
    Usually the day after Christmas until the 1st.

    Should I do it early this year?
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    I vote for the day after.
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    I would say stick to what you have done in the past. Just looking at bst, stuff is slow right now buying stuff for the non knuts. (at least in my mind) good luck.
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    Yep, stick with after Christmas. Give people something to buy with all their phat holiday loot.

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    ditto, please wait
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    Yup. I was told my Christmas bonus would come Jan 7, 2013... Hopefully the Myans were wrong!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PierreRodrigue View Post
    Yup. I was told my Christmas bonus would come Jan 7, 2013... Hopefully the Myans were wrong!
    Look at the bright side. If the Mayans were right, there won't be a "fiscal cliff" and that will save us a lot of paperwork. As for the sale, whenever works fine for me.

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    it doesnt matter, the addicts will still find ways to buy at full price

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    Yeah, well, if there were a piece of wood I really wanted, I wouldn't wait.
    Nevertheless, I would go with surprise sales of particular woods, thereby providing an incentive to check the site more often. And, not incidentally, rewarding those who compulsively look through your stock, whether or not they actually need more wood.
    Oh, and don't forget that all sales should start at 00:01 PST, that way all those Europeans will be asleep at the wheel.

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    If the goal is to attract new customers, I would wait until the Chinese new year. China's market is expanding quickly-you don't want to miss that boat!
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