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Thread: OT.. bin laden dead

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    As for me, there has only ever been one death that was worthy of celebrating.

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    as someone who's mother was in the world trade center working when it was attacked(she made it out alive thank god), i'm glad he is gone......might not affect terrorist groups as much as some would hope but it is one less in my book.....ryan

    p.s.-on a side note i just got back from a trip to scotland....the cab driver knew we were from the us and thanked us for killing osama....i thought it was pretty weird...ryan

    viva la revolucion !

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    I'm a believer of old fashioned justice - an eye for an eye and such. I respect the views that taking a human life is sacrosanct etc, but personally, sometimes the bad guy just needs to be deleted.

    I just hope that his death isn't a beacon for all the divergent cells to coalesce into a more organised unit.

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