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Thread: New stuff available!!

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    New stuff available!!

    This has taken me forever, but in between orders i have been playing with a few knives. Have had a bunch of crazy stuff going on in my life and am ready to get back to it!! I am almost caught up on all of my orders(If you have knives on order, I will have them hopefully all done by the end of next week!), and get to play! So here is what everyone reading this wants to see!
    First, a 1,137,168 layer billet from the guys at HHH.

    Specs are as follow.
    270 Gyuto(263 on edge) 1,137,168 layers of 1095,1080 and 15n20 at a 61rc. 51mm tall at the heel.
    Spine thickness is 3.2mm tapering to a very fine point.
    Handle is Desert ironwood burl, black spacer and musk ox ferrule. Dimensions are 152mm long, front: 19/23mm butt: 26/29mm
    Weight is 285 grams
    Price is $1300 plus shipping

    Next up is a 240 Sujihiki(236mm on edge) One off pattern of O-1/L6 steel at a 62rc. 36mm tall at the heel
    Spine thickness is 2.3mm tapering to a very fine point. Tip is very thin.
    Handle is Mark's super high grade koa with a ferrule of hippo ivory Dimensions are 139mm long, Front:18/23mm, Rear 21/25mm
    Weight is 168 grams.
    Price is $1100 plus shipping.

    Next up is a 165 deba(168mm on edge) in 52100 at 61rc. 49mm tall at the heel
    Spine thickness is 4.8mm
    Handle is Macassar ebony,mammoth ivory spacer and a spalted maple burl ferrule
    Handle dimensions are 136mm long, 19/23mm front and23/26mm rear.
    Weight is 289 grams.
    This was a test knife for me, and i really like it. I would have no hesitation to whack some big stuff with this!! It has a full urasuki grind and a very small micro bevel. The grain from the ivory is very visible and the ebony has a great chatoyance.
    Price is $450 plus shipping

    Thanks for looking and happy holidays!!!


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    Awesome work Mike.
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    Awesome deba.

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    Great work Mike. I wish I had the $$$$ for one or preferably all of them.
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    Very nice!

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    Thanks guys, will get choil shots later today, and replace that first gyuto pic, didnt realize how bad it was.

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    Sexy sexy!

    Take a look around at:

    Email me at:

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    Looking good MD.
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    Beautiful knives!

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    Great work on the Deba, Mike!

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