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Thread: Should I say no to this Nogent?

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    Should I say no to this Nogent?

    So I'm on Nogent 10" Chef's #3 from TBT. The first one came with a crack in the blade near the bolster (the first one they said they'd ever seen), and the second one had a pretty bad dogleg bend in the blade. After speaking with the owner, I mailed back the second knife with the understanding that if he found a straight one he'd send it, otherwise he'd just grant me a refund. After waiting a couple of days, another knife landed on my doorstep! I unboxed it and took a look, and I'm thinking I might have to send this one back too. Then I thought it might be best to get some help on what I should do.

    By my observations, there's a definite bow in the blade, though not nearly as bad as the last one I got. The blade also doesn't seem to be seated in the ferrule correctly. These are the best pictures that I could get:

    Is this stuff that can be repaired and I'm just being picky, or am I better off just returning them and being done with it? I'm thinking that after two returns and speaking with the owner of the retailer, if this is the best I can conceivably do I'm better off just cutting my losses and getting a K-Sab Au Carbone. I was hoping to add something with the history of a Nogent to my knife bag, but I'm starting to wonder if it's worth the trouble.

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    I was able to pick one out in person and at the time there were roughly a dozen to choose from--I think I narrowed it down to about 3 that were in good condition though not perfect. I believe they get shipments about once a year and it may be better off if you wait and have them pick a nice one after receiving a new shipment. They are located outside of DC and I personally would feel good about buying as long as I go there and choose the blade. They are business people and not knife folks so what you find important they may not even notice--that said, they are very pleasant to deal with from my experience. YMMV...

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    I got one with a pretty bad bend in the blade, but I managed to straighten it out just by bending it the opposite way by hand. The steel is fairly soft, so I was comfortable doing it, but maybe you won't be. Mine also seems to be seated as yours is, upon checking. It doesn't bother me though. If it bothers you, return it..

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    I wouldn't accept that.
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    I wouldn't accept it either. I would take my money back and try again later.

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