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Thread: in the works

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    Now I know why they keep saying live for the moment... the way the vendors make me want to spend money I can't afford to live in the future.

    I see only 2 big uns and 2 lil uns. Salty will speak for one big un, 2 will go to mysterious strangers, leaving just one for us all to drool over.

    Let me see if I can stretch my mortgage beyond 35 years...
    I think Salty is more of a 240 guy.

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    J-Bro, any updates on these blades?

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    Wow, that was the fastest response ever. I literally finished posting and went back to the forum directory and saw that you replied!!!!

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    You're going to keep teasing until they show up aren't you?
    - Sean

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    Well I don't really have more to share before they get here... When they do, I'll have an official price and some more pictures...sorry. Just a few more days though

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    Darn. I was all excited to see activity on this thread!

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