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Thread: My current favorite knife

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    My current favorite knife

    Hi all I'm the new boy with all the silly questions so sorry in advance.. Anyway down to business
    I use Global knifes at the moment and have done for about 7 years.. Of the range I have G2, G5,
    ect my most used is a GS5 for most tasks.. Anyway I'm thinking of changing brand as I fancy a
    change.. Looking at the fact the GS5 is the most used, I was thinking about a santoku as I don't
    like the cooks- gyuto shape knifes.. Any help or advice please. I've been looking at Kai Shun O I
    forgot to say I'm left handed.

    Cheers Colin.

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    I'd recommend against a santoku. Why not fill out the trusty new knife guide which would enable everyone to help you a little better

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    If you are using the gs5 I would recommend more of a nikiri. There is also some better steel out there than the shuns. They are nice looking, but performance is lacking compared to others you can get. Also do fill out the guide, it will help narrow down your search.
    Chewie's the man.

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    Welcome Colin!
    once in a while you get shown the light, in the strangest of places if you look at it right

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    yes...Welcome Colin!

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    Thanks for all the advice I'll fill the guide out now and go from there..

    Best Colin.

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