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Thread: Life Stream Knife Sharpening

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    Life Stream Knife Sharpening

    since you guys seemed to like it so much... this is me sharpening in the store right now...

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    lol and that is a wrap.
    Chewie's the man.

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    sorry it was a quick sharpening... i got most of the work done early in the day. I'll try to start live streaming earlier next time. Its just that the store has been crazy busy lately, so i cant always dedicate time to things like this. The video should be up for people to re-watch in just a few minutes.

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    That I like ! The sharpening speaks volumes about your work.
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    Is there any way to avoid the annoying ad at the beginning?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wsfarrell View Post
    Is there any way to avoid the annoying ad at the beginning?
    Try Google ad block and download one. Should work for all streams also YouTube

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