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Thread: Delamination on deba - issue or not?

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    Delamination on deba - issue or not?

    I just got in a new deba that has something I've never seen before: a bit of delamination between the hagane and jigane. It's on the backside and it extends just around to the spine as well. You can sort of see it in the attached photo.

    Is this enough of an issue to warrant sending it back? Or is it just a cosmetic thing and it just depends on whether it bugs me enough?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    fwiw, if i see something like this, i dont send out the knife. However, it may or may not be a issue. It depends on how deep it goes and how it extends through the blade. It is a place where rust can form though, so you should be careful.

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    Hmm. Out of curiosity, is this something that would have been evident before final finishing? Or is this something that happens sometime after the knife leaves the maker?

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    Contacted the retailer to see what his policy is on this. Now when I check again, the delamination was technically visible on the website's photos but far from obvious. It's disappointing to see this right when you open the package and inspect the item.

    Jon, how would you figure out how deep the delamination goes from visual inspection?

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    Just out of curiosity, is that Shigefusa?

    The finish and the lines really remind that...

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    Yes, it is. Which makes this even more disappointing.

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    Jon's comments are valid. It may or may not be an issue. Were it mine and I decided to keep it, I'd be tempted to seal the crack with something just to keep the moisture at bay.

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    I returned a Shig usuba that had an issue like that, though less pronounced. The dealer (nshinkai at rakuten) took it back no problem, saying this was an older knife that had been sitting around a while. It hurt me to send it back, but you can't unsee something like that on a Shigefusa.

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    Yes, very dissappointing.

    Disturbing also.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miles View Post
    Were it mine and I decided to keep it, I'd be tempted to seal the crack with something just to keep the moisture at bay.
    I still haven't decided what to do with this thing. If I can return it with just having to pay for return shipping then I'm probably going to return it. If I decide to keep it though, yes, I'd want to seal up the gap somehow. Epoxy of some kind?

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