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Thread: My first Saya, no laughing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PierreRodrigue View Post
    Thanks you guys! I appreciate the feed back, maybe I will attempt more of these...
    now if you could make a leather wrapped wooden saya, I would be impressed. This is OOkay......

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    Pierre, the only thing I'm laughing about is your very high standards. That saya has nothing about it to laugh about.... sheeesh

    Very beautiful saya.

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    Pierre, it's nice but you can do much better. It's very nice!!!
    I thought it was thuya burl at first.
    I also like the "logical" approach, I made my first handle out of snakewood and my first wa out of ancient kauri and blackwood. I have never made a saya, but I know since a long time that it will be made out of redwood.
    I wait for the finished picture with the knife. Thanks

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