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Thread: a little excitement

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    a little excitement

    Me and my daughter were driving home from the next little town and it was snowing a bit. We were traveling about 40 mph just to be safe and the back end of the little truck started to slide, we got spun around, slid off the road and the truck ended up on one side.

    The hospital shift just ended and the head nurse, the director of nurses, and the hospital administrator were right behind me. They called the police. I was hoping that they would just push the truck back over and we'd be on our way. Because of a lack of anything interesting happining in this small town, the police came, the sheriff came, the ambulance came with their lights and sirens blazing, the fire engine came with the fire chief, and the tow truck came. Two of the volunteer EMT's were driving by, who are my neighbors, so it gave me a chance to catch up on what's happening around here.

    After the sheriff gave me and Amy a ride home, the highway patrol came to the house. I thought I would get a ticket but we were going slow enough that he did not give me one. We are glad that we were not hurt. The truck has a small amount of damage.

    The only embarrassing thing was them trying to pull me out of the truck, another sign that I need to loose some weight.

    I'm still waiting for my blood pressure to go down. I think I'll buy me a Subaru.

    Love and respect


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    Glad you and your daughter are ok Devin! Sounds like you'll be the talk of the town tomorrow. Nothing beats all wheel drive in the snow, though, as you said, rear wheel drive always adds a little excitement!

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    A Subaru? lol!! Glad you and your daughter are not hurt Hoss! Sliding around can be fun sometimes, but not when you don't want to. Your truck can be fixed easy enough, its a good thing there is no healing to happen, or worse!! I couldn't help laugh when I pictured ALL the emergency services showing up. I came from a small town and started picturing the conversation... Heck everybody in town would have known if it were me in the truck, long before I got home! lol!

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    Glad to hear you and your daughter are ok, Devin. My chef almost got into a bad one yesterday afternoon. We got a few inches of snow sunday into monday, which turned into a fine mist/drizzle. Chef was trying to stop his little toyota on the way down the hill towards a four way intersection, realized it wasn't gonna happen, and had to gun it at the last second. Said he just missed getting t-boned. Scary stuff.

    - Josh
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    Thanks guys, the Bishop and the store owner just droped by to make sure we're okay. I think the store owner was just checking on his best customer making sure we'd be able to spend more money tomorrow.


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    I can picture the scene now. Glad you are okay.

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    glad ya'll are safe. merry christmas!
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    Glad it was nothing more then some bent sheet metal. Hope no one took pics of you being pulled from the car ;-)
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    A little excitement for you, your daughter, and the whole town!

    Glad you're here to tell the story, and not back in the hospital for another visit.

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    Glad to here you and your daughter are safe. Subaru might be a good choice, nothing worse then rear wheel drive with no weight on it in the snow. I used to be overly confident in my ability to drive in the snow till I tried to take a turn at maybe 15-20mph in my little Chevy Cavalier, I must have instinctively tapped the brakes while turning (something I'd never consciously do) and boy did the rear come around quick. With some frantic driving I was able to avoid the worst of it but I ended up with a flat, a bent rim, and a new found respect for snow/ice. If the bill didn't teach me anything, sitting in 6 inches of snow in ~0 degree weather changing a tire without a proper coat or gloves certainly did!

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