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Thread: Am I out of the loupe?

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    Am I out of the loupe?

    Hi guys
    I have a little survey for you if you don't mind
    First do you use a loupe/ magnification when sharpening?
    Second are you satisfied with your sharpening results? ( whether or not you use a loupe)
    I have never used one while sharpening, but am starting to think it will improve my results. Thanks for your time
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    Never used one. Not that OCD.
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    Never used one on knives as you pretty much go after burr formation, but use it often on razors

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    If you are using a Magic Marker to see if you are getting to the edge, you almost have to use a loupe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pensacola Tiger View Post
    If you are using a Magic Marker to see if you are getting to the edge, you almost have to use a loupe.
    especially if you happen to have my eyes. I use a 8x magnification. If you want to give it a try, use a SLR standard lens (look thru the front lens).

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    Never used one. Thought about it, but never have. Pretty happy with my sharpening anyways.
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    I use an Optivisor 2X and 3.5X.

    While not really necessary for sharpening, it can provide good feedback.

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    I bought a cheap one to play around with, with no real intention of taking it too seriously and getting nuts about it. I didn't really find it terribly useful and don't even know where it is right now.

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    Only occasionally, and only when I'm getting an unexpected result. Otherwise, what Maxim said. Am I satisfied with my sharpening results? I'll never be satisfied.

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    I use one occasionally to look at scratch patterns and to see if maybe i missed a wire edge.

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