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Thread: Mastersmith designation question...

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    Several off topic and frankly, rude posts have been removed from this thread.

    This unfortunately is the first time this has happened here at the KKF and it's quite disappointing. Everyone whom is a member here is encouraged to express there thoughts and opines, however, please respect that other members while disagreeing with you also have that privilege and they are welcome to it.

    If you wish to discuss this further please contact me via PM .

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    Hey Jim, just a little input here, but I thought my browser was broken! Could you leave a little tag in there when you delete a post? I re loaded this thread many times in confusion. Maybe just a note saying "Keep it classy, KKF" or something, lol.

    I think that the ABS is about exactly what Bill Moran wanted it to be about--preserving the old way of doing things. That's great! But it's not a performance-oriented goal. I being able to forge steel the old way should be preserved, but I don't think it's a market-worthy topic outside of collectables/special interests. The same goes with the National Treasure designations. It's great to hear that there are still guys who know how to forge a world-class Katana from sand, and there are people willing to pay to support the art/knowledge. But I don't need the ABS to tell me when a knife is kicking ass in my kitchen.

    I, too, am really happy with Devin that any animosity between stock removal and forging guys is not so incensed these days. I was very pleased with the thread about it a few weeks back and everyone agreed that it's "to each their own" when it comes to making good knives--honest labelling and the final product is all that matters!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rottman View Post
    Jon, what about that title "meister" (German for master) that is used on many sites about Japanese bladesmiths?
    i think its just marketing for the most part... i know some of the knife makers who they are referring to and some have no titles or certifications at all... they just had a good master (teacher) and make good knives

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