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Thread: Can you help identify this yanagiba?

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    Can you help identify this yanagiba?

    I bought this knife years ago and have almost never used it -- ended up much preferring a chef's knife to a yanagiba. Now that I've got a renewed interest in Japanese knives, I'm curious to know what it is, as I've forgotten long ago. If I were to sell it, is it worth much? It's a 9" in excellent condition, with the caveat being that the knife has sat in a knife block in my kitchen unused for...maybe 20 years. ;-)

    Can anybody shed any light on this?

    Thanks much!

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    machine made mass production by Shimomura Kogyo Co.,Ltd. stainless steel super alloy blade material, hardness HRC57. available Black laminated plywood western handle or oval handle...around ¥2400~ 3000($28~35). similar one
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    Wow, thank you!

    Great to know what I have...Looks like I'll be making room for a new gyuto in my knife block! ;-)

    Thanks again!

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