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Thread: In search for new deba

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    Quote Originally Posted by schanop View Post
    Just noticed that cladding on Fujiwara's back side looks a bit different to other kasumi debas. Pic from EE:

    Not sure how core steel is shaped. Is it just at the very edge?

    Yoshikane and Heiji probably can be on your list too. And if you want to get back to old school Masa KS, I have a briefly used 195mm one in BST.
    Yeah this is what I as reffering to. Also in description it stands its cladded with stainless. Can that be sanmai????

    Ive seen your Masamoto there, almost took it, but first things first. I hav to sell the two I have first....Yaya I say this but I JUST COULDNT pass on that deal off ebay:

    As Magnus mentioned, Ive got super deal on super steel Thanks man!

    But anyway if you still have it when I finally sell mine, I shall contact you

    Quote Originally Posted by quantumcloud509 View Post
    I've been using the Takeda deba and it can handle whatever gets thrown at it... Its awesome on fish, and does an amazing job on chicken. Mirepoix? Yes. Its heftier than most of my cleavers, holds a lazer edge, and Im sure I could take down a couple trees with it before a quick touch up to do a couple more. Just sayin'
    Deba double bevel just doesnt seem right to me...
    Tell me guys, am I the only crazy-arse here that would say such blasphemy - Im not too fond of AS...
    But would love to see pic of takeda single bevel deba anyway

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    Actually Masamotos has one of the best tasting edges I ever tasted... Wat a simple solution!

    Anyone ever tried masamoto blue steel?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bieniek View Post
    Actually Masamotos has one of the best tasting edges I ever tasted... Wat a simple solution!

    Anyone ever tried masamoto blue steel?
    Youre one of those split tongue guys arent you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by quantumcloud509 View Post
    You are correct sir, MOST Takedas are double beveled, as mine is. Now, this means that there are single beveled ones as well if the OP wants to go that route.
    What I was more of less referring to on this post is the OPs first post on "scary sharp"ness. YMMV, but I totally dig the non-traditional Takeda deba. I am not a traditionalist, but I have been fishing since I was a wee-lad, and when you have the feel for it, you can break down that salmon with a large pocket knife better than most restaurant folk can with a fillet knife or deba. All I was saying is that for me, without having a single bevel deba, or ever trying one, and with having the double bevel Takeda, its what I have experience with. Have you ever tried this knife?

    Haven't used a Takeda yo-deba to break down fish but I have used a tojiro yodeba and it wasn't the greatest. It can work but it's a totally different experience than using a single bevel. I highly recommend it, maybe buy like a cheap 180 tanaka or something to give it a shot.
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    Just want to make sure you'd seen this one:

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    What about a Suisin or Nenohi? Have you thought about them.

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    Is that masamoto a 240 mioroshi? where did you find that knife? never seen it carried anywhere, looks nice.

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    The vintage is of no interest for me.

    Would like to see some more selection of Suisin and Nenohi.

    Cookinstuff, the Mioroshi is 225, comes from eay, it was there for last 3 months or more, but thanks to Mr.Magnus I could strike amazing deal.

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