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Thread: What did you get for Christmas?

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    New shoes for me, and I get to play with my sons Batman Cave and Hex Bugs.

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    Brushes and pallete.

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    Coal......but it came with a note that I should buy a new Deba.
    Who you jivin' with that Cosmik Debris?

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    Same thing Son got.
    Another day, another band aid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr drinky View Post
    I got:

    7.5 qt duromatic kuhn rikon pressure cooker
    rosle basting spoon
    king arthur dough whisk (I got sick of breaking wooden spoons)
    modernist cuisine at home
    the art of fermentation

    I may have some other stuff coming in too, and I actually got two copies of Modernist Cuisine as gifts -- which was strange.

    Your gonna love that book. The art of fermentation that is.
    "This is grain, which any fool can eat, but for which the Lord intended a more divine means of consumption.. Beer!" -Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves, Friar Tuck

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    The wife and i were tight on money this year so we put our funds into christmas for the kids. We spent a wonderful day together and the kids were spoiled. Was a fantastic day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Notaskinnychef View Post
    Got to experience one more Christmas with my grandpa, will likely be his last.... All I could have asked for.
    Congrats on that, I am happy you can savor that. I was on the other end of the spectrum and got to enjoy it with my 12 week old daughter and our 5 year old foster child who really hasn't ever had a decent christmas.

    My mother in law gave us a creme brulee kit and a handful of spatulas and I got on the waiting list for a Marko Masterpiece and got the green light from my wife after having a great discussion with Mario on another project I want to start soon. I also picked up a Black Ohira Range Suita stone and some Uchigomori Finger Stones from Maxim as a present for my December Birthday.

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    New Nerf guns.

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    Bottle of Laphroaig, combo pack of FoodSaver bags for my SousVide Supreme, and tickets to an upcoming B. B. King concert.

    Best of all, the pleasure of my daughter and grandson for Christmas eve dinner...lobster quiche, avocados with shrimp remoulade, green salad with star fruit, orange sections and red onion, pomegranate vinaigrette. Key lime pie for desert.

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    I got to spend 24th til today, in a cabin in the mountains, snowboarding. Best gift.

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