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Thread: Carving Knife and Chinese Cleaver advice

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    Aframes is one of those sites you have to read carefully. Many of the items they list are marked "not in stock". Look right under the price.

    Who you jivin' with that Cosmik Debris?

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    So tempted by that Tadatsuna cleaver, but I worry it'd just be too similar to my Mizuno stainless. Although the steels should be different, IT supposedly use gin3 and the Mizuno is listed as Swedish steel, who knows which one though.

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    what was final outcome? was the winco worth the trouble? I have made a small chinese style for myself, aldo's 1084, 6"x2 1/2" blade, scandi style edge with 20 degree total angle, hardened in the Rc62-63 range.

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