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Thread: Trade: used Shigefusa 270 kasumi chefs knife

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    Trade: used Shigefusa 270 kasumi chefs knife

    Ideally I would trade this for another Shig, kasumi 24-25cm "gyuto".
    Dont want stainless, only monosteel or cladded carbon.
    Must be high at heel, 55mm or so.

    The reason that motivates this offering is that I have everything over 25cm, but dont really have enough board room sometimes to accomodate so long blade. Or you could say theres too much on my board all the time.
    For same reason Im planning to sell Ittetsu after PA.

    The only 27cm that will stay with me is my Kato.

    The knife supplied with redwood saya. Standard handle. Photos if you ask.

    Been thinned once. Been sharpened dozen of times maybe. Recently all patina sccrubbed away [as a part of a major setup cleaning]

    This knife was working in a kitchen, its not a showpiece.

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    If you don't get any trade offers I would be interested in buying it

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    Been thinned once
    I suspect that is a thick version gyuto )

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    Quote Originally Posted by mhenry View Post
    If you don't get any trade offers I would be interested in buying it
    Roger that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bieniek View Post
    Roger that.
    I'll be number 2 in line if that falls through--which I doubt.

    once in a while you get shown the light, in the strangest of places if you look at it right

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    OK. That didnt go to well.

    600$. Shipping from here could bust any balls.

    As on pics, blade not polished and the finish is just after binsui stone.
    Can be polished, that part I enjoy so no problemo.

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    Very tempting, I wish I didn't have a 240mm shige getting rehandled at the moment, or I would snag thus one.

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    600 shipped to anywhere.

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    tempting, i must admit. resist, i must, master yoda says.

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    Would get there to you in Austria in no-time

    Just saying

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