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Thread: FS Zensho Glestain Yoshikane and more

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    Petty is sold and off it went o monday.

    Really hope buyer likes it.

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    Glestain 110
    Zensho 140
    Mitsuhide 140
    Uraku continues at 200

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    The yoshi petty is quite the kickass little knife.

    Thanks Mike!
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    If I hadn't already bought a Zensho nakiri last summer I'd go for this one--it's a super fun knife and I expect whoever picks it up will have a great time with it!
    - Erik

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    Quote Originally Posted by El Pescador View Post
    The yoshi petty is quite the kickass little knife.

    Thanks Mike!
    Happy to hear that. Came without problems ?

    Yes the nakiri is a great knife if you are nakiri person...

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    Glestain 100

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    Glestain 120 shipped or I just throw it in the sea. What a waste of good wood.

    Zensho 160 shipped.

    Smaller deba 150 shipped.

    Posted in unregistered letters.

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    Glestain 100 shipped
    Zensho 150 shipped
    Mitsuhide 130 shipped

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    Someone buy that Zensho 140 shipped in unregistered letter!!!!

    Glestain made a decent gift.

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