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Thread: WTB Hattori FH paring.

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    WTB Hattori FH paring.

    Anyone have a hattori forum paring knife they want to sell?

    If so, let me know.

    (oh must be willing to post to uk).

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    I just checked and they are still available from JCK, with very affordable shipping to Europe.

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    Oops im an idiot, this is posted to wrong forum. Still half asleep!

    yep, I know.

    just incase anyone wanted thin the herd, if not ill just buy one from jck.

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    with shipping factored in, JCK is often cheaper/the same as buying used and paying the private shipping on the used item

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    To hell with it, ordered the micarta version.

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    Its a great parer. Very comfortable in hand.
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    also selling these!

    This started off as a 5" boning knife by warther

    I had Dave Martell grind out the bolster and round the top of the blade, so it can be shapened the full length and its a bit shorter know at 4.5"
    really nice boning knife.

    Also included is a 3" paring knife.

    Warther Knives are made in Dover Ohio and the website lists them as "CPM® S35VN is heat treated to 58-60 Rockwell as recommended by Crucible for optimal performance."

    Both these knives would be $70 dollars, plus shipping and customs. So selling for £35 posted in the uk or if your in europe let me know and ill do you a price for your country.

    I'd post to the us, but postage would work out expensive enough + customs.

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    there are no customs fees to the US, btw, though the shipping would be plenty, sure.

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    ah ok cool.

    well i could post to the us, if someone wanted i'd have to check extra postage though.

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