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Thread: AU members, any interest in CCK carbon slicer?

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    Newcastle, Australia
    Have been looking for CCK in Melb but I just gave up.

    I've not checked myself but have you looked in the kitchen supply shops in Footscray and on Victoria St? There are two really well supplied shops towards the eastern side of Victoria St. Best carbon woks from one of them!

    Hope you had some really good dim sum in Honkers Schanop!

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    Chef Land on the Victoria St (near the corner of Church st) has CCKs, they're just in the cabinet behind the counter. I picked up a 1303 a year or so ago, at the time they only had carbon in the smaller size and stainless in small and large models. They are kinda pricey but probably no worse than paying for shipping as well, think mine was about $50.

    Also carry Shibazi and Double Lion.


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    Ah, I didn't know you replied until today, schanop!! I had some disaster on my PC and just started using it again very recently.
    Glad you had a safe trip at least. I can imagine how hard it'll be to travel with your bub. When I was there last time just with my wife, it was already too tiring for me... Anyway, I just ordered CCK 1102 from a Chinese online website called ChefMall and will see how it goes.

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