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Thread: Salt and oil storage?

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    Salt and oil storage?

    Ok so I need to know what u guys use?....what do u store your salt in?....right now I just use a small ramekins on my cutting board next to thestove.....I like the idea of having something a little fancier.....I love my salt .....I hate those salt pig things because my fat fingers don't fit in what does the masses use?

    Also where do I get one of those really cool copper oil kettles like the guys in the Italian pizzerias use?....with the really long spouts?.....I have always wanted one....I have seen a few thru google but none of them look like the authentic ones I've seen....Ryan

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    I always just tear the top off of my box of Morton's Kosher It gets a little rough once it get towards the bottom though, kinda turns into a raccoon trap...
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    At home I use the one Alton Brown had on his site:

    At work, ripped open box of kosher salt.


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    At work it's a shallow six pan, at home I use a wooden salt box.
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    I have one of these from Williams-Sonoma:

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    I use these little plastic containers from the dollarstore that have a small handle on the side and a thumb-flippable lid. Big enough opening to reach in and pinch out the salt. I use the same thing for sugar and starch. I shove a teaspoon measuring spoon into each one as well for those times when pinching isn't called for.

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    for oil, i use a wine bottle with a spout but when i need to store it, i just stick a cork in it. great for olive oil since they like being in darker bottles, less rancidity for long storage.

    salt? salt is salt to me, in a big plastic container where i can open and stick my hand in when i need to season something and easily resealable. i also include a bag of silica gel in there to keep it dry if things get moist.

    the exception for special salts, of course, i like to keep them in their original containers for "flashing them around" lol.

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    Five salts, five ramekins - a big one for Kosher, smaller ones for sea, pink, red and black. What I need is a new pepper mill. I buy EVOO by the gallon and decant into a smaller bottle.

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    For salt, we use sugar bowls, both next to the stove and on the dinner table. Gotta be alert for guests spooning Morton's Kosher into their coffee.

    Cool bottles for various oils would be nice, but for now they stay in their original containers.

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    This that I got a SLT a while back. I also have another one I use for fine sea salt that I bake with.

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