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Thread: Nesmuk?

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    Anyone know anything about Nesmuk kitchen knives? Very expensive, made in Germany with 61-65 HRC depending on how much you want to spend.

    "The Nesmuk knives received the International Knife Award for best design in 2007 at the IWA fair," which is a Trade Fair for Hunting and Sporting Arms, Outdoor Articles and Accessories.

    But are their kitchen knife designs desirable for cooks?,shopstart,,en,,,,,,.htm

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    i can't say i'm thrilled with the shape, but the proof is in the pudding.

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    i dont like the shape, the size, the handle, or the price. other than that, they seem great!

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    Quote Originally Posted by EdipisReks View Post
    i can't say i'm thrilled with the shape

    pretty weird shapes they have there. Pretty hefty price tags too.

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    The shapes are definitely weird, although who knows if they will work well? Granted with those prices I sure won't be testing one any time soon!

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    I've saw the brand in Germany on an American "Nessmuk" styled kitchen knife that was even stranger. Also very spendy.

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    this one only $7000.00 and low end is $ 400.00

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    Wow, that was probably a cool knife before someone cut off the last 3 inches of it! ;-)
    David (WildBoar's Kitchen)

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    I've had the fortune of testing out the above knife and I can say that I was nothing less than astounded with the sharpness. As far as Chef knives go, Nesmuk outperform anything I've ever used from Japan (except perhaps Tsukasa Hinoura). My major issue with Nesmuk knives is that they are too short and thus I find them as useless as a Santoku.

    Anyhow, I came across an interesting little video sometime back, check it out:

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    It's like the saw the santoku, liked how short and blunt it was, and decided to remove it's one useful characteristic: the flat profile. And the handle looks like a Wustof Grand Prix II, only way more uncomfortable.

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