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Thread: Whats your prep/warm up kitchen playlist?

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    ^where abouts in MD?
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    Quote Originally Posted by marc4pt0 View Post
    When it's my turn, straight Pearl Jam. But I usually let the crew play their choice which includes reggae and even More popular, Rick Springfield Pandora, which luckily plays no Springfield.
    lol it's funny how that happens. Any more I just listen to what someone else plays.
    Chewie's the man.

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    No music where I'm at and I like it that way

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuckles View Post
    Total dark horse sleeper hit at work is the Ace of Bass pandora station. People are oddly productive while it's playing. I think its because they are ashamed to admit they are enjoying it and just keep quiet and work. I find it immensely entertaining to watch the magic.
    That's hilarious, Chuckles. Reminds me of this scene from "Tommy Boy"

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    I cringe to think how much of my brain is dedicated to remembering lyrics to songs I don't even like.

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    I listen to Nero or Zed's Dead station on pandora, they are dubstep since im sure not many people here listen to dubstep. but the playlist usually consits of nero, zeds dead, rusko, benga, datsik, bassnectar, and more

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    Silence. Thankfully.
    "God sends meat and the devil sends cooks." - Thomas Deloney

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    Even in the silence I can hear the Ramones jammin in the back of my head.......I wanna be sedated.
    Who you jivin' with that Cosmik Debris?

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    We used to listen to the Dan Band...A LOT.
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    From 4 to 5 am, I don't listen to much besides the hoods and the bacon cooking. 5 to 6:30, I go big and loud and bumping... lately it's been IM's Army of Mushrooms. 6:30 on, the second cook and first server shows up, so I let them play with the box until the final hump near the end of the day, when--like Chuckles--I'll put on Ace of Bass or freaking Paula Abdul or SNAP, just to mess with people and keep them from taking everything too seriously.

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